Alufire Vision Line is one of the first systems that can create clear, sound insulating, fire reisistant walls to resistance of 30-120 minutes of integrity AND insulation (EI30-EI120).

The Visionline system promotes a thin frameless fire-resistant wall made of, in which laminated fire glass is used, thanks to which the gap between the panes, filled with non-flammable silicone, is also the total width of the non-transparent belt and amounts only from 4 mm to 6 mm.

For comparison, other available systems use fire-proof tempered glass, where there is a black opaque belt of up to 30 mm. The width of the walls has no limitation and their height, depending upon their version, can reach up to 3 or 3.3 m.

The fire protection wall can also be supplemented with an Alufire system fire door Alufire, classless wooden or full-glass door.

Visionline fire protection walls Alufire Vision Line has the Technical Approval No. AT-15-9439 / 2015, as well as the BRE (Building Research Establishment) No. 1406a certificate in accordance with the LPS 1158 standards.

Alufire’s Vision Line, gives unlimited visual possibilities in creating effortless yet stunning, sophisticated interior spaces with extended transparent sight lines. Alufire’s fire resistant glass walls will improve the daylighting in the interior space and at the same time maintain the fire safety.

Additionally, it is possible for the Alufire Vision Line’s frame to be hidden. Installed in the floor and ceiling to create a completely transparent scene.

Alufire Vision Line

Width of fire rated wall                                              – unlimited

Width of vertical non-transparent strip                      – from 4 mm to 6 mm

Maximum height of EI 30 wall                                   – 303 cm (it is possibility to manufacture EI 30 walls up to 330 cm in height)

Maximum height of EI 60 wall                                   – 303 cm (it is possibility to manufacture EI 60 walls up to 330 cm in height)

Maximum width of EI 30 glass pane                         – 100 cm (it is possibility to apply glass pane up to 190 cm wide to EI 30 walls)

Maximum width of EI 60 glass pane                         – 120 cm

Maksymalna powierzchnia szyby                             – 5,8 m2


The system has the best in the market sound reduction index Rw up to 47dB and can be applied in C and D category areas.

Alufire Vision Line System products are offered in different acoustic classes: – only for single glazing:

- AVL Standard    Rw = 39 dB      (Ra1 = 37 dB i Ra2 = 35 dB)

- AVL Acoustic     Rw = 44 dB      (Ra1 = 43 dB i Ra2 = 39 dB)

- AVL Acoustic+   Rw = 47 dB       (Ra1 = 45 dB i Ra2 = 42 dB)

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