The Classic line is a range of aluminium framed fire-resistant glazing available in a number of finishes and a wide range of RAL colours to match your interior aspirations.

By integrating frosted transfers, designs and graphics along with matching RAL colours, you are able to create interior spaces that have additional privacy and branding whilst allowing the natural light to pass between the two spaces.

Alufire Classic is a system of internal and external mullion fireproof walls and storefronts in the fire resistant classes of E, EW, EI with fire resistance from 15 to 120 minutes.

The width of the construction has no limitations and the height may be up to 4m for EI30, EI60 and 4.2m for EI120.

Furthermore, the walls fulfil the requirements set out for the highest category of use IV according to the guidelines for the European Technical Approvals ETAG No. 003 and may be applied in areas of C and D categories, for instance; in school buildings, shops, malls and other with intense traffic.

The system has the sound reduction index RW up to 47 dB, one of the highest in the market.

The corrosion resistance index C4 allows to apply it in aggressive environments.

Fire-rated joinery may be made in any RAL, Decoral, NCS colours and has non-typical shapes (for instance arches).

The Alufire Classic system has Technical Approval No. AT-15-6520/2016 and also is certified by BRE (certificates No. 1406a and 1406b) according to LPS 1158 and LPS 1056 standards.